Level Premium Insurance

Life insurance premiums increase as you get older, and your risk of claiming rises. A fit and healthy 40 year old male who is paying around $15 per month for $100,000 of life insurance cover today will end up paying over $900 per month for that same cover at age 80. It is no wonder that most people cancel their cover in their 50's, as they start feeling the bite of steep premium hikes.

Level Premium insurance allows you to fix your premiums now, so they don't rise due to you getting older. This allows you the certainty of knowing that you can afford to keep your cover for when you (and your loved ones) need it most. By paying a little more now, you can lock in great premium rates that protect you against age-related premium hikes.

Try our handy calculator to find out how much you could save, or see our case studies for examples of how getting the balance between short and long-term cover right can make a difference of tens of thousands of dollars.

Even better, contact us today to get expert advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

Common Questions About Level Premium Cover

  • Can I really save tens of thousands with Level Premium cover?
  • If Level Premium cover is so good, why haven't I heard of it until now?
    The insurance sales industry is very much focused on finding customers the cheapest premium today, with little regard for the long term cost of cover. After all, the cheaper something is, the easier it is to sell. Unfortunately for consumers, this focus comes at the cost of good advice about the medium- to long-term cost and sustainability of cover. We pride ourselves on being advisers, not salesmen. As such, we are focused on what will save you money in the long term, not what will make us money in the short term.
  • Why are insurance companies offering such substantial savings?
    The #1 problem for insurance companies is policy lapse - people cancelling their policies to chase short-term savings elsewhere, or cancelling altogether because they can no longer afford the cover. People are far less likely to cancel Level Premium cover due to cost, and so companies can see that the key to long-term profitability lies in offering competitive long-term rates. Level Premium cover represents a true win-win situation for both you and your insurer.
  • Is life insurance the only cover available on Level Premium?
    No. We are able to source Level Premium trauma, TPD, and income protection covers, so you can enjoy significant savings over a wide range of covers in your portfolio.
  • Your calculator shows savings through to age 80. What if I don't need cover that long?
    The great news is that we are able to source a wide variety of Level Premium insurance cover options, ensuring we can tailor a solution to your particular situation. Whether you require cover through to age 65, age 70, or for a fixed number of years, we can help you make significant savings over the term of your policy.
  • Do you only offer Level Premium insurance cover?
    No. There are many situations where Level Premium cover might not be the best insurance option for a client, and we advise accordingly. We advise on a full range of personal risk insurances, including trauma, TPD, income and mortgage protection, and medical insurances. We also have the expertise to advise on a full range of business risk insurances.
  • I'm a 32 year old male who doesn't smoke - am I too young to benefit from Level Premium cover?
    Definitely not. For around $3 more per week you can implement $100,000 of life cover with a Level Premium through to age 80, saving you around $90,000 over the life of the policy. Check out our calculator for more savings.