The following case studies are representative of the ways we can help you make significant savings over the term of your cover with Level Premium insurance.



Like many Kiwis, Becky (27) believed that the State would be there to look after her if she was unable to work due to illness. And like many Kiwis, it wasn't until someone she knew ended up in such a situation that she found out just how little the State actually does provide.

Becky has wisely opted to insure her income, so that she has piece of mind knowing that if she is ever off work long-term due to illness she will continue to receive an income. As a bonus, if she goes off through accident and receives ACC, her insurer will top up her payments to 95% of her income. Income protection cover for Becky - as for most working Kiwis - is a no-brainer.

In Becky's case, the stepped (or "rate-for-age") premium for the cover was going to be $55 per month. For an extra $20 per month Becky has implemented Level Premium cover, meaning she will be able to afford to keep the cover in place throughout her working life.

Becky will avoid age-related premium increases that would see her premiums rising to around $150 at age 50, and $260 at age 60. She is projected to pay roughly half of what she would pay over the life of the policy, saving around $30,000.

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