The following case studies are representative of the ways we can help you make significant savings over the term of your cover with Level Premium insurance.



Chris' story is typical of many older policy holders. Chris had $200,000 of life insurance cover at a cost of $350 per month. Chris (65) had really felt the sting of age-related premium increases lately, as only 10 years ago he was paying less than $100 for the same cover.

Having just retired Chris was no longer able to afford such high premiums. However, he did not want to cancel his cover altogether, as he realises that when he dies his wife Margaret's NZ Super payments will reduce by around $200 per week. Chris wants to make sure that Margaret would have at least some cash buffer if she outlives him, to help compensate for this drop in income.

Chris can afford to pay $200 per month at most on his fixed income. He has been able to implement $50,000 of cover with a Level Premium of $175 per month through to age 80. This will give Margaret enough money to cover around 5 years of Chris' lost Government Super.

Chris is happy that his cover will no longer get more expensive every time he has a birthday, and that he will be able to afford to keep some cover in place to help Margaret. Chris will save around $12,500 over the term of the policy.

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