The following case studies are representative of the ways we can help you make significant savings over the term of your cover with Level Premium insurance.

Sarah and Dan

Sarah and Dan

Sarah (34) and Dan (35) were borrowing $500,000 to help fund the purchase of their first home, and wanted to cover this debt. They had settled on a 25 year loan term, but hoped to pay the loan off sooner. Of course, major life events (such as starting a family) might require adjusting this plan.

Dan and Sarah did not need to retain the full $500,000 of life insurance cover through until age 80, or even past 70. They did want to retain some cover long term, just to be sure that they would have cover in place if they needed it. Of course, they didn’t want to pay more for this long-term cover than they had to, and were worried about the effect age-related increases would have on this.

By selecting the right combination of stepped and Level Premium options, Sarah and Dan were able to ensure they have the right balance and flexibility of higher levels of cover now, with a base of affordable long-term cover. Dan and Sarah are projected to save over $200,000 on this portfolio of cover.

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