TPD insurance

TPD insurance

Most of us understand the impact that the death of an income earner can have on a family. Less well known are the financial implications of that income earner becoming totally and permanently disabled. Such an event is very much a "financial death," putting an end to a person’s ability to earn an income. Due to ongoing costs associated with a permanent disability, this can often be more disruptive than physical death, especially where there is no financial provision in place.

A lump sum of TPD cover allows you to repay debt (e.g., mortgage), and to make any alterations to home and vehicles to make life living with a disability easier. It can also serve as a valuable addition to an income protection policy, to make sure that you are not left significantly worse off financially as a result of being unable to return to work.

You can find out more about the various TPD insurance products we can source from our preferred suppliers below, along with a short video telling the story of one family that has benefited from having TPD cover in place.




Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have heard that TPD cover is a waste of money because it never pays out. Is this true?
    No - this misconception stems from the "bad old days" of TPD cover. It used to be the case that TPD cover would only pay out if you couldn't eat, wash, dress, toilet, or move without help. While there are still a few of these policies on the market, we are able to source you far more comprehensive cover that will pay out when you really need it to.
  • Is TPD cover expensive?
    Not particularly - for most people it is roughly the same or slightly cheaper than life insurance. Like any insurance, affordability is a key consideration. We can help you find the best types and levels of cover that fit your budget.
  • Is TPD cover available with a Level Premium option?
    Yes. As with other Level Premium covers, there are significant savings to be had with Level Premium TPD cover.