Stages Of Life

Life moves on, none of us live static lives. We live, we grow, and as we do our financial needs and responsibilities change. An effective insurance plan needs to be flexible and robust. Flexible enough to change with your changing situation, and robust enough to support you and your family when it really matters.

Different stages in your life present their own risks. Click on your age group to see how we can help you protect what is most valuable to you - your family, your wealth, your future.

In our 20s and 30s we go from having little or no income into stable employment, and work hard to grow our income. We start saving for a house or other investment,while taking on significant debt.

In our 40s we start making inroads into the mortgage, and life is generally a little more relaxed. Thoughts of investments are considered heavily here.

Retirement is just around the corner in our 50s, and so we focus on reducing debt and increasing savings with renewed vigour.

Our 60s represent a new challenge and many of us will adjust to a reduced income, and have to think more carefully about where and how we spend our money.

20's and 30's
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